In a world riddled with bigger problems, he declares war on steamed street food.

BJP on banning momos

When was the last time you felt a wave of euphoria sweep all over your body, and your taste buds numbed by the spicy red devilish chutney you doused your Momo in before taking a bite? That feeling is what makes Momos so special.

But if BJP Lawmaker Ramesh Arora is to be believed, Momos are equivalent to drugs and are “addictive” in nature causing the deterioration of health of teenagers. The MLC based in Jammu specifically held a seminar centred on his concern regarding the production, distribution and consumption of the famed street food. His reason is based on the usage of Monosodium glutamate or commonly called Ajinomoto which is an abundantly used flavour enhancer is oriental cuisine.

BJP on banning momos

He believes that the dumplings (momos) are highly dangerous and addictive and must be banned altogether, with immediate effect. His seminar was attended by senior members of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court Association, doctors and members of the municipal corporation. He said, “Momo is a killer, and we cannot allow a killer to grow in a civilised society. Ajinomoto is dangerous for health.”

However, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States claims that the flavour enhancer is “generally recognised as safe” on its website. The BJP MLC also included an interesting and a rather racist concern in his campaign where he was wary of all the “foreigners including Bangladeshi and Burmese” who majorly took part in the production and selling of Momos.

BJP on banning momos

Hence, if Ramesh Arora is correct, the streets of Amar Colony, the Mall roads of hill stations, and oriental restaurants are bustling with momo addicts who are equivalent to drug addicts.

Where the entirety of the political forces are focussed towards other big-scale causes, one person finds the time and energy to call out the real killer in society: Momos.

Commendable indeed.  


By Anumon Banerjee