“I Wear Makeup Because It’s Fun And None Of Your Business”

I mean, no woman is born with winged eyeliner on her eyelids, matte lipstick on her lips and poppin’ highlighter in her cheekbones, people.

How many jokes have we seen on the internet that end with, take the bitch swimming on the first date? The answer to that is plenty. Those cheesy WhatsApp forwards, facebook memes and jokes on the street stand for something much more serious than what appears on the surface. The moment a woman wearing a face full of makeup walks out in public, she’s termed as fake, attention seeking and vain. The first question that comes her way is, “Who are you looking so pretty for?”

Last year a certain channel by the name of NikkieTutorials posted a video titled simply, Power of Makeup. The video began with a barefaced Nikkie, who spoke simply yet eloquently about how powerful makeup is and went on to do makeup on only one side of her face, while the other side remained bare. Now with 34 million views, that video sparked the inception of a trend, having all makeup lovers coming forth to embrace their love for themselves and what they do and love. Surprisingly enough, a year later, nothing has changed. The toxic hate that is hurled at a makeup lover is vile and destructive, to say the least.

The question is, why does makeup need to be justified, labelled and ridiculed? Why can’t a woman, look the mirror each morning, after the last stroke of her powder brush and not feel guilty for it being too much? The biggest problem is, why can’t makeup be a hobby, a pleasure and an art? To look into the mirror, make yourself look like the fierce woman that you are, and not have a hundred judgemental eyes hover all over your on-point brows. When a woman picks up a brush, it is not to fulfil some weird societal need to look presentable. Makeup is somehow, the reflection of what a woman feels everyday. It allows her to express herself. That maybe, on a day that she feels like she’s falling apart from within, she can look perfect and help herself feel better. Her face is her canvas and she creates perfection she wants to feel. It’s a pure necessity to love oneself and do things that make one happy. In no way does she wear makeup to look good for a person. She inspires herself and loves herself. She is her own muse and her own subject. She doesn’t pick up the mirror and the lipstick to look good for a guy.

She picks it up because she’s a woman, who simply wants to feel beautiful.

By Anumon Banerjee