Watch How China Grooves To The Song DHAAKAD!

Dangal has undoubtedly proved to be one of the best Bollywood films in recent times. And it did break quite a few box office records, like most Aamir Khan films. More than being just another Bollywood movie, Dangal is a moving story that touched hearts worldwide. The Aamir Khan starrer was based on the real life story of the Phogat sisters, obviously presented with a Bollywood touch.

The blockbuster did not only smash records at home but China as well, crossing the Rs. 1000 crores marks in China alone. Such love from China for the movie wasn’t quite anticipated but here we are now! Moviegoers in China loved Dangal so much that a video has been uploaded on YouTube by a group of young fans who call themselves Aamir Khan FC China. The video, which has been shot across various locations in China, features the youngsters dancing to the song Dhaakad Dhaakad with a combination of some steps from the movie itself and some of their own steps.

The video is an absolute delight to watch as most of the moves are in synchronisation with the lyrics of the song which is in Hindi. And it becomes even more interesting to watch it being performed by Chinese dancers. The comment section was mostly filled with praise for the efforts of Dangal fans in China and we can only imagine how much they loved it.

In a chat with Hindustan Times, Wenjing Zhang aka Viki, a member of Aamir Khan FC China said, “Aamirji’s PK (2014) grossed over 100 crores [rupees] in China, so we were expecting Dangal to at least earn double. But then, the movie made 1,300 crores here, which was a complete surprise. We were really excited as fans and decided to make something as a gift or a memento for him. And, that is how we came up with the idea of a video.” She further said that certain issues addressed in the movie such as family bonds and the social position of girls are quite relatable in China.


By Aman Sahil