Weeks after the row over triple talaq that made headlines, two Muslim women from Hyderabad are now victims of this section of Islamic Law. Heena Fathima and Mahreen Noor – wives of two brothers residing in the United States – were divorced by their husbands over WhatsApp.

Heena Fathima, the wife of Syed Fayazuddin, was divorced by her husband over WhatsApp six months ago, while Mahreen Noor, wife of Fayazuddin’s younger brother, Usman, was divorced in a similar fashion in early February this year. The co-sisters, however, claim that they haven’t received any documents and this is not valid under Islamic Law.

As reported by NDTV, Ms Fathima said, “Everyday he would ask to see the video of the children, how they were doing. Then suddenly he said talaq. He has to tell me what I did wrong. What is my mistake? This is not right.” She alleged that she along with her two daughters were forced out of their house following the divorce.

The legal validity of triple talaq is still under question and is being examined by a bench of the Supreme Court. There have been other cases of women being divorced by their husbands via WhatsApp, e-mail and other electronic communication platforms. This puts an additional burden on the top court to give a ruling regarding this matter as soon as possible.

In February, when the two women were thrown out of their in-laws’ residence, they decided to protest outside their house against this action of their family. When this turned out to be futile, they went to the police to register a complaint. A case had been registered against the husbands and the in-laws under sections applicable in cases of harassment of a married woman, attempt to outrage the modesty of a woman and assault.

Abdul Hafeez, the father of the two husbands said that he had nothing to do with the decisions taken by his sons who live in New York. In addition to that, he said that his sons had sent the necessary documents for the divorce and therefore claimed that the divorce stands valid.

The tussle between the Supreme Court and the Muslim Law Board regarding the validity of triple talaq has been escalating as fresh cases of discrimination against Muslim women continue to surface. The apex court has been hearing several petitions demanding a ban on the practices of triple talaq, polygamy and nikah halal, which is being defended by the Muslim Law Board, for which it has drawn a lot of criticism, reported.

By Aman Sahil