Some People Talk About Women Safety While Some People Ensure It: Atif Aslam Incident

We’ve all drooled over more than one songs by Atif Aslam at one point or the other in the years gone by. His voice, hands down, is God’s gift to mankind and obviously to music and he’s been one of the defining voices in the genre of romantic music. Multitudes of songs wouldn’t have been what they are today had it not been for his melodious voice. While the entire world has been a witness to his soulful voice, this time Atif has given everyone new reasons to adore him by using his voice against harassment against women, that too amidst a concert!

Recently, at a concert in Karachi, while a large audience was swaying to the songs of Aslam, a few guys took to harassing a girl right in front of the stage. The singer didn’t think twice and stopped midway through the song to give the guys a piece of his mind. He blatantly scolded them and asked them, “Tumne kabhi ladki nahi dekhi hai? Tumhari maa behen bhi ho sakti hai yahan par” (Have you never seen a girl? Your mother and sister too could be here). Immediately after this, he had the management help the girl in dealing with the situation.

The Twitterati went crazy over this incident (and for obvious reasons). This is what some of them had to say:

Hope the people who would list down the woman’s very presence at the concert as a ‘valid reason’ for the assault, will see this act and LEARN something from it. Women, in every nook and corner of the world, are already fighting for a lot of basic rights of their life which, by the way, they should be entitled to without actually ‘having to fight’ for it. It’s high time that basic security ceases to be one of those rights.

Kudos to Atif Aslam!

-By Tanishka Goel