Top 5 Mission Impossible Scenes

“It’s much worse than you think”

From running down skyscrapers to beating up the whole prison, nothing seems to be impossible for the dashing IMF field officer Ethan Hunt. Here is a list of the top five action scenes, stunts and sequences from the hit franchise, Mission Impossible.


Motorcycle chase scene

(Mission: Impossible 2)

Directed by John Woo, Mission Impossible II shows Ethan Hunt recruited by the IMF to destroy a dangerous and life-threatening biochemical weapon called “Chimaera” from a rogue IMF agent Sean Ambrose. The movie was not a critical success but garnered impressive reviews for its action sequences. Justifying this, after Hunt dextrously disguises himself to retrieve the anti-virus, he finds himself in quite a conundrum when Ambrose pursues him. This is followed by some mind-numbing motorcycle chase as we see both the men shooting, skidding, and swerving around other cars. At one point, the scene intensifies to a different level when both the stars decide to face-off by running into each which stands out in the film. This brings out the classic Woo action sequence which has enthralled its audiences throughout generations.


Plane Ride

(Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation)


The most recent of the series, Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation snatched the spotlight owing to Tom Cruise’s eye-popping high-adrenaline rush in the opening scene. What was more interesting was that the star himself performed the scene. This insane scene shows Ethan Hunt trying to obtain a package from a cargo plane. While doing so, he jumps into an aircraft in an attempt to break in. However, his endeavour quickly attains a dramatically cumbersome escalation when Benji Dunn, played by Simon Pegg, has trouble opening the right door. By the time his brain reaches its full potential, the plane already takes off. What follows makes the audience clinch their seats as Hunt dangles for his dear life. The heart-stopping scene gets even more thrilling due to Hunt’s impending problem. The action sequence makes it hard to believe that Cruise is a human.


Chasing Ilsa

(Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation)


Another scene of the same movie, Ilsa though being a Syndicate agent chooses to side with the IMF helps the super-agent infiltrate an underwater tank and even saves him from drowning. All appears to be merry until the point she steals a flash drive. The resulting action sequence brings us some of the best car stunts which involve Hollywood’s most used “pedestrian streets”. Involving bikes and cars, the scene also paints deeper shades of Ilsa’s moral complexity.


Infiltrating the vault

(Mission: Impossible I)

The first of the MI series, Hunt is framed for murdering his fellow agents. This forces him to go rogue and steal an important list. As a result, he has to perform at his best potential. The stakes go higher when the vault in question located in the CIA headquarters has head sensors, motion sensors and pressure sensors. On moment completely drives the audience nuts when Ethan’s drop of sweat is about to fall but is denied so thanks to his quick reactions.


Climbing the Burj Khalifa

(Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol)

Arguably the most famous action scene in the whole franchise, the IMF team heads to the tall building. But things turn slightly complicated when the team learns that access to the server room is limited. Following this, the protagonist decides to scale the world’s tallest artificial structure. Director Brad Bird makes his task quite “impossible” when Ethan’s sticky-gloves malfunction and he has to climb it with his bare hands. The jaw-dropping view of the skyscraper and the stomach-churning height makes it even more memorable. Adding to its craziness, once again Tom Cruise performed the stunt himself.


By Rhiteek Chatterjee