Stress Relief: 10 Easy Tips To Bid Bad Mood A Goodbye.

10 exceptionally easy ways for stress relief:


Is today going to be another day filled with little annoyances? Not if we can help. Here are some expert-approved tips to decompress.
1.Treat yo’ self
Treat yourself! Ice Cream for Stress Relief
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“I try to go out to lunch every day to get myself out of my office and let someone take care of me (food is cooked for me, cleaned up for me, etc.). It’s a break from taking care of others, says many people who are proved to be happier now.

2. Bend over

Nailed it!
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“Stop, drop and do yoga”! Even just a pose or two can help to calm the mind and recharge your batteries. Try Tree Pose standing by your desk, or a twist sitting in your chair to relieve stress.

3. Eat dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate for Stress Relief
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“I use mood food to turn my mood around in the very short time,” said Frank Farley, a professor of psychology at Temple University.

4. Listen to music

Listening to music can prevent the depression rates by 70%; a study concluded. SO, stand up and groove! Check this list of songs that will give you some serious feels.

5. Ground yourself

Ground Yourself for Stress Relief
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“Know that life is not as serious as your mind makes it out to be. There are a lot of beautiful things around you. When you feel stress creeping up, focus on them,” said Brathen.

6. Create fun habits


New Habits for Stress Relief
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“When I get home from work I have created my own ritual of transition,” said another person. “As soon as I get home I change into more comfortable clothes, turn on jazz or classical music and after eating dinner, engage in some type of movement (exercising, dancing, etc) or connecting with others in a casual way.”

7. Take a break

“When things get super busy and you feel like you have a hard time keeping up — stop. Close your eyes. Take five, very slow, very deep breaths. Focus where you are at this moment. Then get back to work,” said Brathen.

8. Be kind

“Commit to finding happiness through kindness,” said Sood.

9. Bust a move

Take a dance break (yes!), go for a walk outside, hug your dogs. Come back to light and love.

10. Watch YouTube or Netflix

TV and some online activities can often be very relaxing and can improve various hormone levels in the body. so, go, NETFLIX AND CHILL (literally, no sexual innuendos there).


By Shruti Aggarwal