With Facebook began the advent of sharing your life stories with everyone. It started with pictures, status and with the introduction of more applications like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp etc. turned into much more.

Snapchat stands out amongst the rest, because of its distinct feature of stories- telling the world what you are doing with short videos. And it is fun, getting a sneak peek in the lives of people far away- your family, friends, crushes, celebrities and enemies even.

But well as we all know, excess of anything is never good. The success of stories was copied into first Instagram, then Facebook Messenger, also in Whatsapp and now in Facebook even. The only question we want to ask is why?

Does having the same feature on every popular platform lead to some greater success, or is there any other reason which is evading us? It becomes boring and monotonous, to see the stories of the same people on every platform. And the interesting part is that stories aren’t even same, they are different everywhere. Why should I install 5 different apps, compromise with my phone’s storage, only to see the same stuff everywhere? Why?

The thing which the developers should understand that changing with the environment and trends is good and necessary even, but making everything same isn’t the answer. Being unique should be their usp and not being similar. Maybe in coming days, we can see some different stuff and not just stories.


By Pragati Shukla