Son of Abish airs its final episode – and it’s hilarious AF

Son of Abish aired its season finale and it proved to be the perfect end for its fans. Bringing in the famous duo – Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath; the episode was a barrel of laughter.

Detouring from its usual format, Son of Abish featured cameos by Behti Naak aka Sumukhi Suresh, Rahul Subramanian, Kenny Sebastian, Kaneez Surka and Rohan Joshi in the first segment “Youtube Comments You Should’ve Posted”.

Abish Mathew quite fittingly and wittingly addressed to his haters by cracking lame ass jokes like the show being the “Indian Jimmy Felon” and the name being similar to that of “Son of a Bitch”.

Jumping to the main segment, Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath made a dhinchak entry by impersonating Abbas-Mastan wearing black jackets with an “Aey Tatti Tera Naam Kya Hai” shirt poking out.

The interview included Kanan talking about his upcoming movie Noor and Biswa sharing haunting dreams about his crushes. However, the most important one was Abish’s question on the resurrection of the dynamic duo’s Pretentious Movie Reviews (OMG, right?)

The show concluded with a disturbing game (cannot be described in words) and Kaneez doing her ever un-erotic Zumba (please check the Wikipedia page, it surely wasn’t Zumba).


By Rhiteek Chatterjee 

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