Snoop Dogg points his gun at Trump’s clown. And Trump Has A Reply.

Recently Snoop Dogg released a music video where he can be seen pointing a gun at a man who resembles President Trump in some sense (barring the common sense) and when President Trump saw it, obviously there was going to be a twitter rant. He went on to tweet a question targeting Snoop Dogg asking what if a similar tweet had come out during Obama’s presidential term? He gave the answer himself, ‘Jailtime!’ he typed.

If the irony here is not clear then here’s some clarity. Trump had been advocating against Gun control but when one of those same guns got pointed at somebody who looked like Trump, he created such a furore. It can only be hoped that this episode might help him towards attaining a moment of epiphany making him realise how it feels when a gun is pointed at you and then fired which makes gun control in the United States a necessity.

Ignoring this, many Republicans had come out in support of Trump with Marco Rubio, the former runner for the Presidential seat even going on to say that there had been assassinations in the past too and such an act might give the wrong idea to wrong people. First of all, just because an earthquake shakes you up, you don’t stop talking about it. You look for solutions to prevent it, to control it not avoid it. Second of all, how about not giving a gun to these wrong people, then? Sorts out the problem pretty much, doesn’t it? But then again, this might not be possible under the presidency which pays attention to a rapper’s music video instead of the execution orders that their President signs as that same President watches Finding Dory while several lives are forced to find their way back to the ruins of their homes.


To which Trump replied:

By Samridhi N. Nain