SNG Comedy reruns with their video podcast featuring Kenny Sebastian.

Schitzengiggles Comedy (SNG Comedy) comes back with another video podcast which featured everyone’s favourite, The Pavam king, The Chai-Time specialist, KENNY SEBASTIAN!!!

The podcast was a special surprise for all as Kenny joined them for the second time in a consecution.

This was far by the most candid conversation among all as it featured Varun talking about pedicures and the frightening Neville Shah blindsiding all by acknowledging his unconditional love for rom-coms.

Kautuk Srivastava brought his love for Real Madrid under spotlight and Bollywood Gandu pretty much kept quiet (really…really…odd).

The best of part of the video was the gradual transition from their “spiritual” guilty pleasures which elevate their mind (pretty deep huh?) to outright awkward guilty pleasures.

Check out the video and indulge into your guilty pleasures.

By Rhiteek Chatterjee