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You won’t be sitting on your phone the next time if you grab one of these pants.

The fear has ended. The future is now. Pants with a special pocket designated just for your smartphone are here. Everyone else can pack up and go home.

Japanese retail company Muji has launched a special range of denim with an additional sixth pocket, placed strategically away from the centre that prevents the person from sitting on their own phone.

The stealthy invention was launched in January this year, and it definitely needs to be talked about. The whole ordeal where people all over the world kept absent-mindedly sitting on their phones, bending and cracking them, will end after this. The pocket which looks barely like a seam will hold your smartphone with utmost care and secrecy. Muji is currently selling them in store from £29.95, and have been an object of curiosity and disdain alike. The jeans come in a range of fittings from crop to boyfriend fit(I’m still having a hard time realising this is the name of a certain kind of fitting of jeans) They look the same, and on reviews from initial users, the fittings are satisfactory and much like any good pair of jeans.

It could actually be seen as just barely another marketing gimmick for the rising brand, but the results seem more than helpful for people who just do not like carrying a bag or purse on their trips. Wouldn’t know if this would be a good option for people to sneak phones into examination halls(we’d probably fail at that too) but they’re just a good ole’ pair of jeans with a smart little secret that is being loved by people all over the world with raving reviews.

Looks like we’re saying goodbye to phones slipping out of our back pockets, or being pick-pocketed in a metro, dragging our pants down to pee and slowly realise midway as our phone slams to the ground, breaking its screen and our heart simultaneously.

Muji jeans are here.

Time to literally be a smart-ass.

Anumon Banerjee