Singer TAHER SHAH Has Something To Say To Humanity. AGAIN.



Happy new year. Or not. And I’m going to tell you why. ‘Mankind’s Angel’ is back. Ring any bells? No? Well, the Angel (according to his Twitter bio) tweeted two days prior to New Year’s Eve about his new year resolution message which he likes to call Humanity Love. This time, however, the Angel goes with the name King Shah which you may feel is quite apt, once you have watched the video. Also, that makes him the second person in the sub-continent to deliver a message on New Year’s Eve after someone who didn’t say Mitron that night. That was definitely not a dig at Prime Minister Modi. Definitely not.


On the night of December 31 last year, Pakistani musician Taher Shah delivered a message to humanity by means of a YouTube video. Unlike his previous viral videos, namely Angel and Eye to Eye, this one has no open greens being walked upon by a man who looks like he is still a die-hard Son Pari fan (only more colourful) or the same man alternately wearing black and white suits and shaking a leg to a melody making absolutely no sense of what he says. Credit must be given to Pakistani cricketers for teaching King Shah a great of English. Kudos to the boys who really played well.

In this video, the online sensation can be seen seated on a golden throne wearing a kingly, golden robe with the most incredible hairdo which is, undoubtedly, his greatest contribution to hair-goals this new year. A little away from him stands a tree which, well, has golden leaves. So much for environmental conservation. And that’s not the end of it. Basking in his lap and being gently stroked by its master, is a cat that looks a lot like Snowbell from Stuart Little. And so King Shah begins preaching about love and angels and humanity. That he does for a good couple of minutes, making several mentions of the word mohabbat which, of late, has not been one of the favourite things between India and Pakistan. Needless to say, that’s not helping the situation, although I laud King Shah for his brave attempt.


From being Pakistan’s Axl Rose to Son Pari to King Shah, Taher Shah has come a long way, thanks to the internet. And thanks to Taher Shah as well, for making me want to rebuild the Berlin Wall and bringing it down again by banging my head on it. And we are surely going to have more of King Shah, since the internet is a place with the highest amount of tolerance and patience. All we can do is ask him to make more sense the next time he comes around and pray that his attires do not become a fashion statement. Because weird things have happened last year and we certainly cannot rule out the possibility of having weirder, more outrageous things. Jokes aside, I really want to find out what King Shah smokes.

By Aman Sahil