Schindler’s List: “It’s all right. It’s not that kind of a kiss.” – A Scene Which Redefined Movies

Schindler’s List is one of the best works of cinematic genius Steven Spielberg. Its actors, screenplay and cinematography have enthralled audience spanning generations. One of best in Hollywood, Schindler’s List engages us to its adroit use of camera and dialogues. Shot in black and white, the multiple Academy Award winning picture perfectly captured the emotional turmoil and pain Jews went through under Hitler’s reign of terror.

One of the prime examples of the movie is the scene where Oskar Schindler, played by Liam Neeson has a short conversation with Helen, a maid who worked for the Nazi General, Amon Göth. The scene played a significant role in the movie.


Schindler asks Helen about her relationship with Amon Göth. This question transcends into Helen divulging her terrible experiences with Göth. Schindler, like a perfect man, comforts her and leans forward to kiss her on the forehead. This quite understandably causes discomfort and she moves away herself from him. To this Schindler says, “It’s all right. It’s not that kind of a kiss.” and then he affectionately kisses her on the forehead.

This scene perfectly drew out the inhumanity that prevailed in Nazi Germany. It spoke to the audience and invited them into Spielberg’s mind and ideas. It deftly painted the painful conditions under which the Jews were anchored down to by the tyrannous Nazi soldiers.

Schindler’s List is a cinematic brilliance and the movie’s revolutionizing screenplay just swept away everyone.


By Rhiteek Chatterjee 







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