How savage is ‘too savage’? A break-down of Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What you Made Me Do’ music video.

Taylor Swift is so savage she just beat a Kardashian at the game of being savage, something over which the clan almost had a monopoly.

Last year, Kim Kardashian West indirectly founded the hashtag Taylor-swift-is-over-party, and the world has never been the same. However, in the words of Mrs West herself, Taylor Swift just ‘clapped-back’ at all her haters with her latest track from her new studio album titled ‘Reputation’ and left gaping holes in their faces where their mouths were. The music video to the song ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ was released merely days after the track (which was basically a huge diss at Kanye West) and IT IS SAVAGE. The Kardashians must be shook.

But what exactly went down? Here’s a break-down of all the facts you need to know to understand the magnitude of the jabs Taylor Swift took at her haters in the video.

The History

It all started 8 years ago, when in 2009 Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift on the MTV VMA’s stage while she was delivering her speech upon receiving her first award for Best Female Video. Apparently, Kanye West thought Beyonce deserved the award so he walked onto the stage and snatched the mic from Taylor to make sure everyone knew what he felt. Then he delivered half-assed apologies on being thoroughly criticized by the whole Hollywood industry for this crazy outburst.

Taylor Swift took the high road, she let it go, or so it seemed. She only became bigger and bigger after this, and it looked like it was all in the past. Taylor and Kanye were seen hanging out together at award shows, with West’s wife Kim Kardashian, aka the Queen of Savage.

So you’d think it’s over? Bitch, you thought. This is only the beginning.
2016 saw the release of Kanye West’s song Famous, in which he talked of numerous celebs, one of them being Taylor Swift, about whom he said, ‘I made that bitch famous’ in the context that Taylor was not a big-blown artist in 2009 and Kanye lead to her being all over the news.

So now Taylor was done, she went up that stage to receive her award and made a huge statement about Feminism and the whole haters-gonna-hate drill. By now it is pretty clear that the MTV VMA’s stage is the battle-field for these two. But Kim Kardashian West was not having this. She declared to the media that Kanye had already told Taylor about his controversial lyrics and got her approval before releasing his song. Given the Extra image of her family, no one bought it, so Kim released a video! Of the call! Between Kanye and Taylor! Discussing the whole thing! And Taylor saying she was in on it!!

And that, kids, is the story of how Taylor Swift’s reputation slid off into the gutter as she was caught lying to and defaming Kanye West. So the internet named her a snake, and the notorious #taylorswiftisoverparty was blasted all over. She was called out for endorsing a pretty fake brand of Feminism and becoming the victim in every situation to get the most advantage. Her break-up with long time boyfriend and DJ Calvin Haris made it worse as he had his own share of tea to spill about Tay. (‘cause he’s British, get it?)

But boy, oh boy, Taylor Swift is out with a new album after three whole years, and this time she isn’t singing about her break-ups and ex-boyfriends. This is serious business; we have a new Taylor in town.

The Video

This section is full of spoilers so you should watch the video to ’Look What You Made Me Do’ first; then read this; and then go back and re-watch the video. Because, obviously, knowing everything about the drama between Taylor Swift and Kimye is more important than homework.


The video, that was released at the MTV VMA’s this year, opens with Taylor swift’s reputation lying in its grave in the mortuary, because that’s where Kim Kardashian West put it, or her ex-boyfriend did, or long-time archrival Katy Perry did. I don’t know, somebody sure did, though.

The ‘tilted stage’ is reference to Kanye West pretty damn clearly, because his stage at his tour last year was designed to be tilted. The lyrics throughout condescend her haters, so pay attention. Yay, artistic freedom!

The scene then switches to Taylor (not a zombie anymore) lying in a bath-tub filled with diamond jewelry, and just FYI, those are actual, real diamonds, because she is Taylor Swift.
Now, she’s wearing some gargantuan diamonds on her fingers, either because she can, or because that’s what Kim Kardashian was robbed of in Paris last year, gagged and held at gun-point, also in a bath-tub. (OMG WHAT!?!)
Taylor is also making a gun with her fingers at this point, so I like to believe this is a reference to Kim K, but even in my personal, very drama-loving opinion, this was below the belt. But hey, how savage is too savage, right? I’d say about this much..

Moving on, Tay is sipping tea (is this about her ex-British-Boyfriend’s?) surrounded by snakes, who seem to worship and serve her like she is their queen. Taylor isn’t just another snake, she’s the snake queen, y’all!

Following this, she’s sitting in a crashed car looking flawless AF with an award in her hand, because he is freakin’ Taylor Swift, no biggie. Then she’s robbing this bank wearing a cat mask with some girlfriends. You know, just the regular Saturday night with girls. They’ll probably order a pizza after this.

As the pre-chorus comes again, she stands dressed in latex, commanding an army of plastic-esque girls, perhaps satirizing the claim that her brand of feminism is very selective. Her back-up dancers in the chorus are wearing t-shirts reading ‘I-heart-TS’ reminding us of her beau back in the day, Tom Hiddeston, who wore a t-shirt like this. But why is she Low-key dragging Loki into this? Okay, that pun is seriously overused, my bad.

In the bridge to the song Taylor is standing on a pedestal, dressed as her new bad-ass, savage self’ and her old, innocent avatars struggle to reach up to her but fail.
Then there is a phone call, and it surely reminds me of the one Kim recorder and released and started the whole drama with, but only this time Taylor says her old self is dead and can’t come to the phone.

The video ends with Taylor spray-painting the word Reputation on a jet (because.. that’s.. savage..?) as her several, new and old, avatars stand in the front; and she completely satirizes everything that has been said about her ever since the Kimye drama unleashed fury and hate on her.


The video has broken previous records as it has been streamed over 43.2 million times within 24 hours of its release! Was this a consequence of her three-year long hiatus or because she is now a bad-bitch, it is hard to say, but Taylor Swift is back on top as she just entered the arena again. Taylor has obviously received mixed reviews, owing simply to the viewership which is extremist based on the camp it picks sides with.
It seems she was running entirely on caffeine for having made something like this, but finally a female artist has called out her haters in her music, which has for a long time been the niche only of male artists. Whatever you think of her brand of feminism, you gotta give her that!

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