In line with a series of administrative and other reforms, the new BJP-led Uttar Pradesh government passed an order today abolishing the caste based reservation system in private post-graduate medical and dental colleges in the state. This decision to do away with the quota for candidates belonging to scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes came after CM Yogi Adityanath chaired the second cabinet meeting on April 11 and took decisions over a range of issues, reported.

Other reforms have also been proposed in the education system of the state. One such reform is the introduction of English language from nursery school against the current system where a student of the state board starts learning English only from class 6. Yoga and self-defense would also be a part of the school curriculum from now on. In addition to an early introduction to the English language, the government is also looking to make one foreign language compulsory in government schools. The implementation of the new system is likely to take place from next year.

The saffron-clad chief minister has been making headlines for the past one month ever since he took office on March 19, 2017. Besides being subjected to a lot of criticism for his Hindutva hardliner image, Yogi Adityanath, as CM, also drew a lot of attention for his ban on illegal slaughterhouses and the formation of anti-Romeo squads to “protect” women and girls in the state.

While this is seen as a historic change in the education system of UP by some, there are others who believe that this move would not make up for the flaws that are coherent in the current system. For example, there hasn’t been a crackdown on private educational institutions of higher learning who swindle thousands of students of large sums of money in the name of donation with a promise of a guaranteed seat. 

It is, however, too early to evaluate the outcome of any of these changes in the education system. It is the responsibility of every government to take care of students and create an environment where learning is a priority. Education must not be packaged by any government or party to suit its ideological or political interests, education must be for students and for an India that Indians deserve to have.

By Aman Sahil