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Narendra Modi Knows How To Benefit From Other’s Disputes

Our Prime Minster Narendra Modi is on his tour again, this time to Germany. The aim of every tour is to strengthen the political ties with the country, so that it may benefit both by the economic agreements signed. But it seems that this time India may gain a bit more than the usual.

Under the presidency of Donald Trump, U.S. has shown some hostility in the G-7 Summit and the NATO-US Summit. President Trump is expected to withdraw US from the Paris Climate Agreement, the climate change accord formed in 2015 committing every nation to take some action against the increasing global warming. He has tweeted that his decision in the agreement will come within a few days, but officials close to him have given the expected answer. His decision is influenced by the thought that US presence in accord is weakening the country’s economy. He has also asked for more contribution from other NATO members.

 This led to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel commenting that Europe cannot depend on the West anymore.

This might come as a good opportunity to India, in the light of Modi’s visit as well as the upcoming G-20 Summit. If West cannot be depended upon, then ties will be strengthened with the East, and the main possible partners here are India and China. Though this may turn up the heat between India and China, it will present good opportunities for important agreements between Germany and India, and may also give India a strong ally, which will be imperative in the world politics.

A dozen agreements have been signed between the two countries and the need to strengthen the trade has also been understood. The European Union- India Summit will be held in Delhi this July, which will take forward the trade negotiations, hopefully benefiting all.

By Pragati Shukla

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