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Man sues online taxi giant Uber for €45 million blaming the service for his divorce.

Do you feel that WhatsApp blue ticks and last seen have really made your relationship difficult? Do you find it tough to explain to bae about your whereabouts and your friends? Is growing technology the reason that you get to face a lot of questions?

Well, all of this was just taken to a whole new level. And it wasn’t because of an unanswered text. The tool here was – wait for it – Uber. You read that right. A Frenchman from Cote d’Azur was caught cheating on his wife by means of his own Uber app, following a technical glitch that enabled all his trips to be displayed on his wife’s iPhone. As reported by Le Fiagro, the Uber alerts on her phone revealed that her husband was being unfaithful to her and that there was another woman to whom he had been making frequent trips.

The angry ex-husband then went on to sue the online taxi-hailing giant for €45 million (₹300 crores approx.) for breaking his marriage.

The glitch in the Uber app happened because the unfaithful husband, on one occasion, had used his wife’s phone to log into his Uber account, which continued to receive his trip alerts even after he had logged out. He didn’t see that coming, did he?

By Aman Sahil