Kanan Gill Nails It With His New Comedy Special

Kanan Gill has become a name impossible to be left out of the list of top Indian Youtubers and stand-up comedians, and for all the right reasons too.

You can drool over his cute face, wrinkled nose when he smiles and his easy-going personality but there’s no denying his skills at comedy. The actor began his journey to fame with Biswa Kalyan Rath with the hilarious Pretentious Movie Reviews. Few years since then and he continues to rule millions of hearts.


After staying off the stand-up comedy videos from Youtube for a while like Biswa, Gill has come out with an hour-long dose of his comedy and we could not be happier about it. Two days back, his special titled ‘Keep It Real’ released on Amazon Prime and it has been cracking people into fits ever since.

The best thing about the special is Kanan’s ease with the stage and his audience. He looks effortlessly amazing (and cute) throughout the span of 60 minutes of his show. His comedy flows from one joke to another without any absurd breaks or disjoints. Starting the show with a conversation with his parents about any last-minute tips for the show, he loots hearts within the first two minutes with the adorable conversation.

Kanan starts off the show with describing any millennial’s experience with their parents while teaching them how to cope up with technology. Continuing with the theme of parents, he also brings up the numerous “home remedies” our moms throw at us which make absolutely zero sense to us and to the laws of the universe for that matter.

Moving on, Gill takes the show forward with talking about his experiences as the youngest kid (also the “extra” kid as he puts it), his choice of streams, engineering college chronicles and his stories about learning how to drive. His show flows like a conversation from one topic to another. For me, the one joke that stands out has to be his description of how he spends his weekend lying in bed with a laptop watching episodes after episodes of something he doesn’t even want to watch, stuffing his mouth with chips. This in my opinion has to be the MOST ACCURATE description of any millennial’s weekend ever in the age of “Netflix and Chill”.

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Kanan Gill’s special came out about a week after Biswa’s which was titled “Biswa Mast Aadmi”. Although the two comedians and their comedy stands in their own light, we can’t help but compare them. While Kanan’s special does crack a few good jokes here and there and flows effortlessly, Biswa’s extremely brilliant jokes seem like a hard bar to match.

Nevertheless, the special by Kanan Gill is a must watch and like the title says, Kanan keeps it real.

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