Internet Makes You Famous If You Suck!


The Internet is the new age thing, well you need to market your new product, service, idea, just put it on the internet. It will eventually find its own destination.

But nothing ever goes the straight way, right? There are people who are using the internet to get fame but not through their skills. They are doing it by using the skills they DON’T have. Yeah, that’s right. As weird that is, a lot of people are using it to rise to stardom. All you have to do is make a BAD video, like sing in it, with all the nasty lyrics and really bad music, and then put it on YouTube. To put a cherry on the cake, get an article written on it by one of the many pages on Facebook and then voila! You have just created the perfect recipe for stardom.

People will read the article and other articles that will follow, watch the video, share it and then it will get famous. People will make fun of it, write some really mean comments but you will get what you wanted, fame. Also, you can also make some money out of it, as you get paid for getting certain views on your videos.

We have many examples for this- the most recent one being Dhinchak Pooja (yeah she goes by this name), Taher Shah, Alom Bogra, Bhim Niroula, Vennu Malleshand much more. They are lovingly hated by people and they raise money by it as well.

It is ironic that how people with gifted voices fail to garner attention, get what they actually deserve and these people with the knack of making songs which makes your ears bleed, become internet sensation. And it is us who give them this fame and popularity, because doing something for fun is much more important than doing what is right. They inspire many more people to come up with their God forsaken music and torture people, but when you get to be famous, even if people hate you, then what is wrong with that. Right?


While all these talentless people are getting the fame they want, a bunch of talented artists are not being able to get even half of the fame that these people get. It must be so dishearting for someone who puts in hours of efforts to hone his skills only to see a talentless person getting famous for the same. However, this problem is only because of us as an audience, we tend to enjoy such videos and laugh at them. We as viewers must raise our standards so that these people who put in efforts get noticed and can make a name for themselves.

By Pragati Shukla