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What If India Went Completely Non-Violent?

The whole world knows who Mahatma Gandhi is, right?

He was the original architect of using non-violence for a powerful purpose. He developed the doctrine of Satyagraha – non-violent resistance to evil – which has been translated variously as “truth force”, “love force”, and “soul force”.

Hmm… to be non-violent in an extremely violent world… don’t you feel that it is equivalent to a square in a circular hole?

Well, this concept has been eating at my brain as of late and so I began to contemplate whether peace is really achievable through the inaction of non-violent resistance.

Like, is it possible to have law and order as the protectorate of the people, if the law is all but lawless? Is it possible to allow tyrants to literally get away with murder, without consequences?

I’ve prayed, meditated, thought, and even role-played, and yet, the answer never changed. The answer I kept receiving was – No.

Perhaps, the greatest misconception being spread among the people is that, the people must act within the law – the very law that protects the corporation from the people and creates endless loopholes for the former.

In fact, the people now in government are best understood when they are compared to the first grade class of children with no teacher and no supervision – where each kid gets to write their own allowance check, and all rules and laws are exempted when they are in the classroom and you know what the very best part is, the parents aren’t even watching!

We all know that the very first step towards non-violence would be to disband the Indian Army and to denuclearize India, which is, undoubtedly, impossible and somewhat foolish to even think of. Like, give me a break! A country that suffers from cross-border terrorism and the highest forms of crime on a regular basis, cannot put the security of its citizens at stake by following the doctrine of non-violence. Compassion and non-violence should be displayed to only those who respect these ideas and not savage and barbarians who are just awaiting a moment to gorge on your flesh.

Now, we come to the question – can this philosophy of nonviolence, in any way, work in this extremely violent world?

Non violence symbol

The answer, surprisingly, especially after the rant, is a – Yes. BUT, and it’s a very big ‘but’, peace must be forged first.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Pen is mightier than the sword”, and I agree that the pen is mightier than the sword, but, that is only true, as long as those with swords are able to protect the rights and lives of those with the pens, against wanton killers.

The pen works wonders in a civilised society, however, it is a fragile instrument to employ against terrorists and tyrants, who accept no legal rules or social conventions, and will use any means to destroy those whom they hate.

To end this rant of mine, I would just like to say that Gandhi’s principles may be apt for personal and spiritual growth of an individual, but they certainly need modification according to the present nuclear age.

You all probably know this by now, that we all here at Nutkhatt are very liberal and “civilised” people, and since we know that each reader would have their own perspective regarding this topic, feel absolutely free to let us know your opinion on it!


Article By
Urmila Sabharwal