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Human-Pig Hybrid? No more a fictional story

First human-pig hybrid
With the advancement of technology and intelligence, new creations are just a tad away.

A team of biologist Jun Wu and Juan Carlos at the Salk Institute, US have implanted human stem cells in a growing embryo of pig resulting in a pig composed of human and pig cells.  Shifting from science fiction to the realm of possibility to plant human organs in animals and use them later for transplantation. The ultimate hope is to get the desired organs in large animals at their embryo stage to extract them later. Since the organs implanted will of the patient’s stem cells, there will be no chance or a little chance of organ rejection by the lymphocytes. The human organ in animals would be a solid example of chimaera (animals possessing two different genomes). The hybrids embryos were essential of a pig making only a small contribution of human cells that is 1 human cell/ 10,000 pig cells. Chimaera will immediately be studied under the topic of human embryogenesis and would undergo a couple of tests to check the feasibility and drug reactions.
Such experiments embark the growing era of unbelievable creatures and the successful transplantations. Many technical and ethical barriers are yet to overcome but with the commencement of such experiments, it’ll be much easier to unfold the deteriorated body and get switched to a healthy one.