Do It Yourself: Honest Bollywood Songs Lyrics

It’s 2017 and let’s just say our music and the lyrical insights flowing in it, have really turned up to be pretty dope; and no I’m not talking about the massive obsession, songs have with drugs nowadays playing Goa jaake karti hash. Check our honest Bollywood songs lyrics.

Hereby presenting you few examples of Bollywood lyrics along with their literal meanings, that will prove that lyricists are smoking some pretty classic stuff and barfing up their produce to be consumed up by the unsuspecting ears. Such lyrical explanations may even help you see these songs in a new light.

1. Sau tarah ke- Dishoom
“Tu kahe to jaan de doon
Kehne mein harz kya hain

Honest lyrics: The lyricist doesn’t want the probable bae to have any misconceptions and clearly states that he shall give away his life if she’d say. What’s the harm in saying this anyway? Now that’s clarity!

2. Aaja Meri Gali- Action Jackson
‘Tumse milne ka keeda andar hai, Dating kar le tu open calendar hai’

Honest lyrics: The lyricist is comparing his lusty urge to meet his girl with a worm that’s crawling inside him. He offers the girl with an offer of dating by flaunting his ‘on point’ knowledge of Hindi weekdays.
Vaar se bna var. #thatsright

3. Dil kare chu chae – Singh is Bling

‘Ke dil kare chu che, chu che. 75 sadiyaan later.. che. My heart says chu che, chu che, che’

Honest lyrics: The lyricist was kind enough to provide the English translation of the song lyric in the song itself. He establishes what one faces when his/her beloved confess their love to them with the sheer usage of words ‘chu and chae’

4. DJ wale Babu!- Badshah
‘DJ waley babu mera gaana chala do x75865
Gaana chala do Gaana chala do’

Honest lyrics: The protagonist in the song urges the dude running the dj to play her choice of song, in the entire lyrical composition without even telling him the song’s name.

5. Mit jaaye gham- Dum Maaro Dum
‘Unche se uncha banda, potty pe baithe nanga. Phir kaahe ki society, saali kaahe ka paakhanda’

Honest lyrics: The lyricist points out the hypocrisy that prevails in the current society by mentioning how even the richest guys sits naked while taking a dump. Deep and educational at the same time.

6. Agar tum saath ho- Tamaasha
‘tum saath ho ya na ho
kya fark hai
bedard thi zindagi bedard hai’

Honest lyrics: The banda in the song clearly states how he doesn’t give a shit about the girl and how her presence doesn’t matter a bit. The world is pretty merciless and so is he while giving his bandi a reality check. Pretty savage eh?!

7. Caller tune – humshakals
‘Caller Tune baby
Caller Tune..
Mujhe apni bana le caller tune soniye’

Honest lyrics: This lyrical wonder is all about a guy who is adamantly forcing his ‘soniye’ to make him, her caller tune. Caller tune here stands for topmost priority btw.

8. Hukka bar – khilaadi 786
‘Tere pyaar ka nasha kabhi aar kabhi paar
Tera pyaar pyar pyar hookah bar’

Honest lyrics: The lyricist writes about the intoxication of love that goes haywire and is uncontrolled. To further strengthen his views, he compares it with a hukka bar. Why? Hukka because dhuaa as in smoke, symbolising the unpredictability of love, and bar because um because he can.

9. Never ever (remix) – MSG
‘forever you are my heartbeat
another names beat my heart never never
only my smiles should ever, should ever
I forget you never ever’

Honest lyrics: Let’s just not… Not ruin this masterpiece of a song with further deciphering.

10. Aaj blue hai paani paani – Yaariyan
‘Aaj blue hai paani
Paani pani paani paani paani
Aur din bhi sunny
Sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny’

Honest lyrics: This is a pretty informative song in which the author aims to impart knowledge and facts of nature. It is this genius composition that explains how the water is blue in color while the days can be sunny too.


By Vasundhra Aggarwal