Here’s Why Aamir Khan Refused To Release Dangal In Pakistan

It is an almost common phenomenon to have the national anthem in the Bollywood movies, relating to any patriot and sportsperson in order to show the protagonist’s feeling of patriotism. Though sometimes it is misused as well like inserted in a movie abruptly to bring in the angle of patriotism, even though does not even remotely revolve around it.

In the recently released movie Dangal, starring Aamir Khan and based on the Phogat sisters, Geeta and Babita, there were scenes featuring national anthem and flag. As I said earlier, they are sportsperson who play for their country and thus the scene.

Well, the movie was to be later released in Pakistan, after the removal of the ban on Indian movies. But it was subject to certain conditions. I don’t think that it is difficult to guess what it must be, I mean come on its Pakistan, and they can’t handle anything Indian. So yes they asked for the scenes to be cut. But well the controversies around Aamir Khan also aren’t non-existent, and to not fuel them further, he decided not to release the movie at all.

There has been a mixed stand on it, with many lauding this while others criticising it. Well, I think that no matter what a person’s history may have been but defending his own country is not something to be criticised. This would not have been demanded if it would have been America or London, for that matter. If such hostility is to be maintained in the exchange of art, then why to do it all together?

I don’t think that this is something to be taken lightly because these small things only indicate the outlook of the people and country as a whole. Of course, we can’t determine that yes this is the way the whole country thinks, but it is what few people think. And given the relations between the two countries, an act of amendment should begin from here only.

By Pragati Shukla