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A Hair “Freezing” Contest? #JustCanadaThings


Just when you thought Justin Trudeau and Ryan Reynolds were the best things about Canada; enters a contest where people participate to literally freeze their hair and scalp.

Hosted by the Takhini Hot Pools, Whitehorse, Yukon; the international Hair Freezing Contest is one of the major attractions in the winters. The main theme of the event is to style your hair, get that perfect hairstyle, that’s it! Style your hair and walk away with prizes. Oh, and just one teeny tiny insignificant rule, you have to use ice as your hair gel.

It started in 2011, with a small crowd but it has subsequently gained momentum since the past few years. The fact that inferno is the only place for the cold-stricken, makes their business run smooth. The temperature in the area can at times fall as low as -20 (minus EFFING 20) and hence the rage for a hot pool is legit.

How they do it? Well… it’s no rocket science (actually, the principle was used in earlier rockets to keep them from freezing in the space but for the need of a phrase!). People dip their hair (and/or beard, eyebrows and… oh well, you got it) inside the pool, which is around 42 degrees at all times and then let it out to freeze; the chilly wind does the rest. The styling is done during the process of freezing. Imagine your grandmother on her bad-hair day; you’ll get the hint of what the styles are.



The aim is to create the most promising hairdo and snap and mail a picture of it to [email protected]. The best part of it all, the best picture gets a cash prize of $750 and a complimentary 30 soak membership.

The rules are simple, choose any day cold enough to pull the little stunt and get on with it. Submit the pictures and wait till they decide on the winning photo, plain and fun.



The only precaution in this steaming fun is the vulnerability of the ears. The mix of hot and extreme cold can leave them in need of medical attention. For that, you can either occasionally dip them into the hot pool or just power through.

If you’re interested in participating in the contest, the Takhini Hot Springs have published a handy guide for how to freeze your hair properly (here’s a sentence I never thought I’d say).

Rookie tip: Grow ‘em before you freeze ‘em.


By Rohan Pathak