If you don’t have dark circles, an erratic sleep schedule and a lack of will to live, you’re not doing it right.


Board Examinations. This word is a trigger word that can send a person to horrible flashbacks of self-loathing and tension. This is a threshold that one almost crawls, limps and drags themselves over in order to get to the other side.

PS: There’s no party on the other side. The party never comes.  A roller-coaster ride of emotions ridden by a scared young adult, whose brain is exploding with facts and figures, ready to be hurled on the answer sheet to achieve marks that are respectable in society and are hopefully a little close to Sharmaji’s child. That’s Board Examinations, y’all.


  1. When the panic slowly begins to kick in a few weeks before the exams, as Karma catches up on you for binge-watching random TV series in the middle of the night with a face full of chips, a time you should’ve been studying .

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  1. A few moments of desperate weakness where your brain convinces you that your grades don’t matter…but they do. You slowly realise as you see your life flash before your eyes.


  1. The times you woke up feeling productive AF, but got around to doing absolutely nothing.


  1. When the doomed cycle finally begins and your hands find each other automatically, praying as you suddenly believe in the existence of a higher power who can control your grades and help you out a little bit.


  1. When you have that much needed moment where you feel ready, confident and prepared to own this shit.


  1. …but that moment was as brief as it could be as you have mini heart-attacks while discussing your answers after the exam is over.

  1. When the exams come at you one after another and you can almost feel your soul escaping your body on a daily basis.


  1. When the day finally dawns, and you walk out of the exam hall giving your last board exam, almost numb to your own happiness.


  1. You party, you go out, you breathe and you sleep, but those days fly by very soon as the Results Day inches dangerously closer, and you feel that pit of dread in your stomach and plan your escape if things go wrong.



  1. When it’s the night before the results. And that’s a feeling no one wants to feel.


  1. When news floods in from all over the place about results from your classmates and how they did and you find one of those people.

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  1. When you try check your own result while dodging several calls from relatives who you didn’t even know existed before today.


  1. When you do check your result and the grades are finally flashing on your screen as you stare at them with disbelief/shock/awe and the response can be either of the two:

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  1. But whatever happens you did the best you could muster, and now the future is in the palm of your hands, as a world of possibilities awaits you. Marks matter, but they don’t carve out your destiny. You’re the one who does so. So here’s an inspirational dog meme to keep you going.

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  1. Oh Bonus Feels for this. This will happen. I’m sorry. This just might happen.

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By Anumon Banerjee

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