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Elon Musk Unveils A New Exhibit Of His Brilliant Mind

Elon Musk led start-up ‘The Boring’ has been in the news for its innovative idea of building underground tunnels in major cities. So far, only personal vehicles were shown to be employing the brilliant idea which could change the face of modern day transportation as we know it. However, recently the company revealed a prototype of their own vehicle meant to be used for public transport. The vehicle will be designed to be big enough to accommodate not only several passengers but also their bicycles.


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The project, which is run as a side project by the Tesla CEO, aims to fashion a network of transport which speeds up transportation and releases the problem of traffic congestion faced by major cities. Elon hopes that Los Angeles will become the first city to see the realization of this idea.

The start-up has named its hole-digging robot as Godot which they hope to make as efficient as possible to reduce the costs of tunnel transportation. Earlier, it has been noted that high costs were a major hindrance in developing tunnel transportation but with a highly efficient Godot and a limited diameter of 12 feet of the tunnels, Musk plans to reduce these costs by about 10 times or even more.


elon-musk-underground-road-designboom01.jpg (818×459)


The vehicles functioning on this route will employ electric sleds to move and will travel at a top speed of 200 kmph. The basic idea behind this initiative is to reduce the time consumed in commuting by avoiding traffic congestion altogether. Musk has previously stated that this system will reduce a 20-minute long commute to merely 5 minutes.

The concept sounds brilliant and innovative enough to make people look forward to its realization. However, the critics are extremely skeptical about the idea and have deemed it as completely unrealistic. Their reason for doing so was the fact that the execution of the idea would require massive disruption and permits. This seems like an extremely difficult mountain to be climbed but we know if anyone has a shot at overcoming this obstacle, it’s the brilliant Elon Musk.  If the infrastructure does indeed work well with the citizens, this could go a long way in solving traffic problems in big cities around the world.


By Tanishka Goel

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