Do It Yourself: Bollywood Villain

13 Unsaid rules every Bollywood villain blindly follows:

  1. Villains should have their own ominous music whenever they are on screen. They also have their unique pet phrase or typical action which they have to do in front of the hero.


  1. They should master the art of the pure perfect evil laughter, delivered

~before the performance of an evil act.

~during the performance of an evil act.

~after the performance of an evil act.


  1. Every villain must spend some time in deciding a super villain-ish name with the right intimidating effect.. Something brilliant.. like..LIKE CRIME MASTER GOGO!!

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  1. Just mastering an evil laugh isn’t enough. You gotta prepare some solid one liner too. *Accio poetry*Image result for naam hai bulla rakhta hu khulla
  2. Indian villains don’t believe in carrying weapons. Either they fight in a traditional way or they show up with hockey or baseball sticks or any short range weapon really. Now that’s a fair fight!

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  1. Jumping from roof to roof in an action sequence is important.

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  1. So are random car explosions. ROHIT SHETTY APPROVES!!!!



  1. The villain will never shoot the hero immediately even though he can. He will arrange some set up of bomb or fire which will give enough time to the hero to escape. NOW, THAT’S HUMAN!



  1. Another human approach in the rulebook of an idol villain states that if in case, a group of enemies far outnumbers a protagonist, they will attack the good guy individually, instead of going all at once.

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  1. Just after beating the hero and kidnapping his entire family, there should be some celebration by flaunting alcohol addiction and random objectification of a woman under the garb of entertainment, normally referred to as Item dance, featuring a sexy girl with negligible clothing performing a seductive dance. CELEBRATION IS IMPORTANTER AMIRIGHT?!

11. The goons of the villain would always be overloaded in a Sumo or Safari though many cars are still available, not to forget they should begin revolving their lathis or huge wooden weapons and shout all the way, for it Is a sacred drill before every attack.
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12. With each blow of hero, the villain’s guys shall defy the law of gravity and time. Also, fighters are only meant to fall on the glass and other breakable articles in a fight with the hero.
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13. Once the villain captures or traps the hero he has to boast about his execution of plans or how he killed hero’s friends or relatives. He should also discuss all his further plans revealing all the important details so that the hero can use them to his advantage.

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By Vasundhra Aggarwal