Chicken Scream Gives You Another Reason To Be Glued To Your Phones

If you’re not already addicted to Chicken Scream already, you’re about to be.

This is an extremely simple game and sticks to the basics of most Android and iOS games. You have to manoeuvre the chicken and you can only move forward, the game restricts any movement in any other direction. It’s really simple after that. There are obstacles to be avoided and cliffs to be jumped across, main aim being to prevent the chicken from drowning. For every obstacle that you avoid and every cliff that you jump through, the counter at the top of the screen adds it to your score.

Chicken-Scream-Screenshot-4.jpg (725×1275)


The interesting part however comes in here.

To manoeuvre your character, you aren’t required to tap on the screen or even touch your screen at all for that matter. The chicken is controlled with your voice and your voice modulations! To make the chicken move gently across the screen, you sing/speak in a normal tone while to make it jump, you raise your voice and shout!

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Even though the people around you are probably going to think of you as a retard who’s insanely just shouting at their phone and your family’s going to want to disown you AND you’ll end up with a sore throat, this game is a must try!

Go install it and come up with weird voices to modulate your chicken with (no puns intended guys)!

Pro Tip: You probably will die the first time in your first few attempts so pffft its okay.

By Tanishka Goel