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Here are 6 YouTube Vloggers changing the world you probably didn’t know about.  

The changing world of Vloggers is kicking in hard. Check out our list

1. Professional Wild Child.


A 28-year-old dutch YouTuber who created her own job and believes in bringing the change in the world by following her own heart is bringing the world and endless load of hope and motivation.

She is the perfect example of bringing in the lovely power of positivity to the world.
2.  1Million Dance Studio

Letting their passion in front of the world with the path of their endless passion for dance, they are a fast growing and a wonderful organisation that has been in the industry for quite some time now but are fast emerging to bring about the belief that it’s a wonderful path to follow your dreams.
They are the ones to step out to express the power of expression through dance!
3. Kylie Flavell

This beautiful and young Australian traveller is travelling around the world, all by herself, filming TV shows and putting them out just for people like us to watch and let ourselves be free to be the spirit we wish to be.
Her adventures are a lovable treat to look at. She
has a unique way to look at the way she travels and is an inspiration for many.
4. Psycho Traveller.

Another traveller from Australia, travelling the world on her own terms is a delight to watch. She is the best go to for the advice on how to be travelling the world you want to know. Nobody can explain it better than her. She is the ultimate guide to everything we can ever want to know before we step into a world of travel.
5. Kalyn Nicholson.

Last but not the least on the list of the beauties we can endure to lust over, she is an inspiration for many who have their lives breaking down.
A vlogger from Canada, she is the best and perfect example of making life on your own from the very beginning.
She is the ultimate guide to changing your life and living it on your own terms.
6. MoVlogs

Check out the lovely people who are coming up to present themselves to the world and trying to make a difference.
By Shubhrika Dogra