BEARING THE COST OF “ALMOST” SAME NAME? All About Snapchat’s Downfall In India

Snapchat, the application infamous for its filters, is in the news for all the wrong reasons.  As per the former employee of the company, India wasn’t considered for the expansion program as it was a poor country, and these are the views of the CEO Evan Spiegel.

Well, the comment hasn’t gone down well with people, obviously. We cannot accept the truth, and that has resulted in an outrage. People are all about negative reviews for the application on play store and #uninstallsnapchat is trending.

Even Sir Ravinder Jadeja instigated his followers to uninstall Snapchat

But what’s hilarious is that the e-commerce company Snapdeal is being bombarded with all the negativity and the uninstalling process. People are getting confused among the two apps, while this is not so bad for Snapchat, is worse for Snapdeal which is already in a not so good position, with talks of acquisition doing the rounds.

People are also correcting those in confusion, but that doesn’t seem to affect them much. No idea till when will all this continue. Snapchat is going down, taking Snapdeal with it. Not a good deal I will say.

By Pragati Shukla

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