A bar in Singapore has devised a cocktail served with ants on top of it.

If you thought that kinky drink you had last night which had you feeling like a party in your stomach or a rollercoaster (and bad hangover maybe) was as weird as cocktails could get, we have a new cocktail here to shatter that illusion of yours.

A bar in Singapore, named, Native, located on the Amoy Street, has actually devised a cocktail served with a bunch of ants on of top it. Yes, you read it right, ants. *continues writing after a mini vomit in my mouth* The cocktail is topped with huge crunchy locally foraged Thai ants to add to the acidity of the yoghurt based drink. The cup is topped with these ants resting in a liquid nitrogen frozen leaf along with basil cubes. You’re supposed to pop the entire leaf in your mouth (as if it’s the normal thing to do) and then gulp down the drink. Oh and also, if you do manage to get past the ‘popping ants into your mouth’ phase, there’s also a probability that bits and pieces of the 8-10 ants that you chewed upon might get stuck between your teeth.

Vijay Mudaliar is the head bartender of Native and the almighty creator of this…weird but highly interesting drink. He also says that he tried around seven different kinds of ants before he landed on the sour weaver ants which he particularly loved for their crunch…yeah, okay.

Mudaliar deserves a loud round of applause for giving the world a purpose as to why the ants are useful on this earth. So, are you guys intrigued enough to fly to Singapore and give this drink a shot? This is karma giving the ants a chance for revenge on all the humans who ever ruthlessly harmed their species!

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By Tanishka Goel