Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos now Richest Man in the World.

Bill Gates fell 500 million short.



jeff bezos



All the way back in 1994, in a dodgy garage of Seattle, a certain online bookseller called
Amazon had its humble inception at the hands of a Princeton graduate and entrepreneur,
who had caught onto the possibilities what the internet could do. Roughly after 23 years
and monstrous success, Jeff Bezos wakes up on a Thursday morning to find himself
surpassing Bill Gates, as the Richest Man on the planet. Talk about a journey.

Jeff Bezos

Most recently venturing into video and audio streaming, Amazon has become a trusted
name that grew from just books, into becoming the largest online shopping retailer. As the
Amazon stocks got to 2% on Thursday, Jeff Bezos’ real time net worth shot up to a whopping
91.4 billion. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, had been holding the position of the
Richest Man in the world and Jeff Bezos had most recently been in third place in 2017
list of World's Billionaires by Forbes. Despite the fact that Bill Gates gives away half of his
fortune to charity, he had been featured in Forbes list of wealthiest people in the world
since 1987.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is a relatively newer addition to the list, with his ever-expanding business which
has gripped a firm stance as the largest internet sales company on the world wide web. A
Wall Street man with a penchant for business and new ideas, Bezos continues to take
dabble in all kinds of business. Apart from Amazon, Bezos is the owner of Blue Origin, an
aerospace company that is currently working towards commercialized suborbital human
spaceflight and he also purchased The Washington Post in 2013.

Gone are the days when the name Bill Gates rolled off of our tongues whenever abundance
of wealth came to mind. From Time magazine’s Person Of The Year 1999 to Forbes’ Richest
Man in the World, 2017, Jeff Bezos keeps on winning at life.


Article by 
Anumon Banerjee