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The world celebrates India’s 68th Republic Day

This Republic Day, let’s not reiterate the old speeches, we know what was said; let’s not remind ourselves of the sacrifices that had to be made, we’ve heard and mugged up the stories, let’s not turn the pages of history and dig outage old achievements of this spectacular country of ours, we know of them. This Republic Day, instead of focusing on how spectacular India used to be, let’s look at how spectacular it still is and how the world seems to be acknowledging this as we look up to the national flag today.

For starters, the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, was lit up in the colours of the Indian National Flag to kick off the celebrations of the 68th Republic Day on Wednesday, 25th January. Reports claim the show of tricolour will continue till the following evening of 26th January as the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, is the guest of honour at the Republic day celebrations on Thursday.

If the world’s tallest building marking the celebrations of India’s Republic Day didn’t seem like any big deal to you, we’ve got more. Nissan India drew the largest ever map of India as a tribute to the 68th Republic Day. The map stretches from about 3km in length and 2.8km in width with a total outline periphery of 14.7km. The professional rally driver Rahul Kanthraj piloted the car while the accuracy of the map was maintained via the use of GPS device. The bed of the Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan was chosen as the site for the record-breaking act.

Here’s a video of it to soothe your eyes this Republic Day-

While the whole world seems to be acknowledging India’s Republic Day in light of its present day achievements and potential future glory, why should the Indians repeat the ancient tradition of repeating everything that’s happened in the past to give ourselves a sense of pride about our country? Yes, it’s always good to know that India was once known as the ‘Golden Bird’ but isn’t it even more satisfying to know that India, today has all the potential to AGAIN be that ‘Golden Bird’?


By Tanishka Goel