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10 Biggest Technological Failures of 2016

2016 like the other years was a year full of Hits and Misses in the world of technology. While some of the technologies and Tech-trends failed in living upto the expectations others just stole the show.

Few of the Failures are listed below:The explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7

1) The explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Image Source:Softpedia News)

Image result for samsung galaxy note 7 explodes

After the reported explosions of Samsung’s “phablet” the company recalled approximately 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7s because of the risk of catching fire or exploding. Samsung decided to discontinue the device after its second replacement also had the same flaw. The company is still not answerable about the flaw in the battery. This can hurt the brand sale by benefitting the rivals like apple and Google.

2) Macbook missing its ports/Iphone missing headphone jack (Image SourceThe Droid ios Lover) 

Image result for Macbook missing ports

While the users happily accepted the removal of the standard 3.5mm jack from the iPhone 7, they did not seem as enthusiastic about using the same port for both charging and plugging the earphones. Removing of jack from its gadgets does not seem to be a practical idea for the consumers as it might seem for the company.

3) Fake news fiasco (Image Source:

Image result for Facebook

Facebook was highly criticised for letting the fake news propagate on its platform during the US presidential elections; it was also believed that it somehow influenced the Americans to cast their votes. Fake news like an FBI officer who was investigating Hilary Clinton’s emails had died mysteriously and also that Donald Trump was endorsed by Pope Spread all over facebook like fire.

4) Yahoo going from riches to rags (Source: Recode)

Image result for Yahoo

Yahoo got sold to Verizon for only $5 billion whereas back in the 2000s it could have bought Google easily. The revelation about the first data breach was done by the company on 22 September 2016. Over 500 million accounts were hacked in 2014 and this is not all, around 1 billion accounts got hacked in 2013 which was revealed in December 2016. It took a while for yahoo to realise the same, almost 2 years. The company has started notifying its users to change their passwords.

5) Karma drones not flying to the expectations (Image Source: Uav Coach)

Image result for Karma Drones

GoPro’s action cameras were no doubt becoming ubiquitous last year. Even though GoPro’s drone faced multiple delays and production issues it was a success. It had all the qualities of a really cool gadget, from a grip stabiliser to a backpack. The company recalled around 2,500 drones after it started getting complaints from users about the drones losing power mid-air.

6) The year of trouble for Twitter (Image Source: Business Insider)

Image result for Twitter in trouble

The social media platform having approximately 330 million monthly active users faced high criticism for its approach towards dealing with the abusive tweets, threats and racist attacks on people like Leslie Jones and CEO Jack Dorsey. The rumours such as Twitter being up for sale and companies like Microsoft, salesforce and Walt Disney being the top buyers were reported.

7) Fitbit’s Smartwatch (Image Source: Tech Crunch)

Image result for Fitbit smart watch

The announcement that Fitbit was buying Pebble and that it would stop its manufacturing was done in December 2016. Fitbit’s smart watches aren’t smart anymore it seems, as they couldn’t be charged without taking off their frames. It was quite annoying and thus landed up in the list of tech flops of 2016.

8) Freedom 251 (Image Source:

Image result for Freedom 251 failure

The $4 Smartphone as promised by the company Ringing Bells was the most affordable Smartphone in the world. The company could only deliver 5,000 phones, against the planned delivery of 2.5 million handsets before June 30. The makers of this phone have been summoned to a court over a Rs. Two-crore bounced cheque case and had also faced inquiries by Tax officials and police.

9) Reliance JIO (Image Source:

Image result for Reliance Jio

Mr. Mukesh Ambani’s JIO launch is another case of overpromise and under- deliver like freedom 251. Reliance had promised free calls for life and free data for first three months; it was all well until the sim was launched for public. As expected, the services dropped and resulted in making JIO the slowest 4G Network of India. Things seem to be getting better now as the free data service is now extended upto march 31, 2017.

10) Blackberry gives up (Forrester Blogs)

Image result for Goodbye Blackberry

The company which once dominated the Smartphone market has given up on making new ones. Third party companies like TCL will now take over the manufacturing process and blackberry would shift its focus on Software, security and management.


By Shweta Kataria