22 Game Of Throne Tattoos That Are As Epic As The Show

Winter is coming.
What crosses your mind when you come across these two words? If these words do not make you think of how the extremely cold months of December and January are approaching your door but instead, does a mere glance at these words runs a flashback of the past six seasons of the series, including all the innumerable murders and blood and gore and obscenity in your mind? Do the words ‘Valar Morghulis’ or ‘Valar Dohaeris’ or ‘Dracarys’ paint a picture of Khaleesi with her dragons travelling through estranged cities in your head? If the answer to all these questions is yes and they make more sense to you than any mathematical problem with unsolved variables ever did(..yes, I have a lot against algebra), then congratulations! You’re one of the MILLIONS of Game of Thrones fans who is always at the edge of their seat waiting for the next episode of the series even though it’s MONTHS away. So while we all chew our nails thinking if Jon’s a Targaryen or not or what’s gonna happen to Daenerys and her fleet of ships, here’s a list of kickass Game of Thrones inspired tattoos that might pacify your poor heart who can’t wait till the summer of 2017 to unravel these mysteries.


  • Source: Pinterest

What’s the wait for then? Run and get your tattoo RIGHT NOW and prove to George R.R. Martin that no matter how many characters he kills off, he’ll never kill off your loyalty to the show! Come on people, y’all owe this much to all the characters who were mercilessly killed to keep you hooked on to the plot.

By Tanishka Goel