4 Theories On The Origin Of Life That Will Give You Existential Crisis.

We often take life for granted, just live it for the sake of living and do not give much thought to it. But there are some theories on the origin of life and our whole existence which may sound very bizarre but they give you something to think about.


1-Solipsism Theory- This theory puts a question mark to our existence. It states that the only thing sure to exist in our own mind; all other things are merely projections of it and may or may not exist in reality. This consists of everything which you see, touch, hear etc. We might say that how is this possible, as we are constantly in touch with so many things and people, but then how can you refute it, as the theory does not consider the existence of other minds only?

origin of life

2-Computer Simulation- What if we are living in a computer simulation? Many physicists like S. James Gate have made some discoveries which support this theory. Our universe is explained by equations and he has discovered that those equations contain computer codes. There could be superior beings or aliens, who are far more developed than us and have made this whole thing, and we are parts of it, like video games. Weird enough?

origin of life

3-Existence of superior beings- Humans are known to be the most superior beings on earth. We can read, write, invent and discover things, go into space etc., but animals, birds, insects cannot. But what if there are beings superior to us, who have invented things which we don’t understand right now? Do they exist here, on other planet or in another universe? What if their life isn’t comprehensible to us right now as we aren’t well equipped to understand that?

origin of life

4-Multiverse Theory- We have always assumed that there almost 500 solar systems, almost 100 billion galaxies and one universe. But what if there are multiple galaxies, with a large number of galaxies and solar systems? A universe was created, like a bubble, and can stop existing just like that? What if similar or superior beings like us are just living there and we have absolutely no idea about it?

origin of life

These are just four theories out of the many theories which exist regarding our existence. They make us ponder, what if whatever we are thinking isn’t true?


By Pragati Shukla